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The reference implementation for IEQL, an open standard for monitoring Internet content

This library is the reference implementation for IEQL (Internet Extensible Query Language, pronounced equal). IEQL is an open standard for monitoring and querying Internet content designed to be fast, efficient, and scalable.


pub use common::pattern::Pattern;
pub use common::pattern::PatternKind;
pub use query::response::Response;
pub use query::response::ResponseItem;
pub use query::response::ResponseKind;
pub use query::scope::Scope;
pub use query::scope::ScopeContent;
pub use query::threshold::Threshold;
pub use query::threshold::ThresholdConsideration;
pub use query::trigger::Trigger;
pub use query::query::Query;
pub use query::query::QueryGroup;
pub use output::output::Output;
pub use scan::scanner::Scanner;
pub use input::document::Document;



This module provides shared common functionality for IEQL.


This module provides functionality for inputs—namely, loading and handling Documents.


This module provides functionality related to outputs.


This module contains functionality related to queries and their various subcomponents.


This module provides functionality related to scanning and scan engines.