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👎Deprecated since 0.5.0: diff chain features are slated for removal
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IOTA Identity - Diff

This module implements a Diff trait. This gives data structures the ability to compare themselves to another data structure of the same type over time. The library pairs off with identity_diff_derive, which implements a derive macro for the Diff Trait.

Types supported include HashMap, Option, String, serde_json::Value, Vec and primitives such as i8/u8 up to usize and isize, as well as the unit type (), bool, and char types. Structs and Enums are supported via identity_diff_derive and can be composed of any number of these types.


  • DiffHashMapDeprecated
    A DiffHashMap type which represents a Diffed HashMap. By default this value is transparent to serde.
  • DiffHashSetDeprecated
  • DiffStringDeprecated
    The Diff Type for a String type.
  • DiffVecDeprecated
    The Diff Type for Vec.


  • DiffOptionDeprecated
    A DiffOption<T> type which represents a Diffed Option<T>. By default this value is untagged for serde. It also converts to and from Option when serialized/deserialized
  • ErrorDeprecated


  • DiffDeprecated
    The primary Diff Trait type.

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