pub trait Component<Message, Renderer> {
    type State: Default;
    type Event;

    fn update(
        &mut self,
        state: &mut Self::State,
        event: Self::Event
    ) -> Option<Message>; fn view(&self, state: &Self::State) -> Element<'_, Self::Event, Renderer>; }
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A reusable, custom widget that uses The Elm Architecture.

A Component allows you to implement custom widgets as if they were iced applications with encapsulated state.

In other words, a Component allows you to turn iced applications into custom widgets and embed them without cumbersome wiring.

A Component produces widgets that may fire an Event and update the internal state of the Component.

Additionally, a Component is capable of producing a Message to notify the parent application of any relevant interactions.

Required Associated Types

The internal state of this Component.

The type of event this Component handles internally.

Required Methods

Processes an Event and updates the Component state accordingly.

It can produce a Message for the parent application.

Produces the widgets of the Component, which may trigger an Event on user interaction.