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Hermes: IBC Relayer CLI built in Rust

The Hermes binary is a wrapper over the ibc-relayer library. This binary builds on the Abscissa framework.

For a comprehensive guide to using Hermes, the authoritative resource is at


  • Definition of the application, based on the Abscissa framework
  • Contains functions to generate a relayer config for a given chain
  • Various utilities for the Hermes CLI
  • Definition of all the Hermes subcommands
  • Various components for internal use by the Abscissa subsystem.
  • Custom-made solution to output a JSON return message and ensure a return code from a CLI command. The main use-case for this module is to provide a consistent output for queries and transactions.
  • Definition of the entrypoint for the Hermes CLI.
  • All errors which can be raised from a command.
  • Application-local prelude.