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A safe interface to the Linux I2C and SMBus userspace subsystem.


extern crate i2c_linux;
use i2c_linux::I2c;

let mut i2c = I2c::from_path("/dev/i2c-0")?;
i2c.smbus_set_slave_address(0x50, false)?;
let data = i2c.smbus_read_byte()?;
println!("Read I2C data: {}", data);

Cargo Features

  • i2c will impl i2c traits for I2c.
  • udev must be enabled to use Enumerator.


Enumerates all available i2c devices on the system.
To determine what functionality is present
A safe wrapper around an I2C device.
Flags to work around device quirks.
Flags to work around device quirks.


Part of a combined I2C transaction.
i2c_smbus_xfer read or write markers