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Hypergraph is an open-source library built in Rust to represent directed hypergraphs.


use hypergraph::Hypergraph;

// Create a new hypergraph.
let mut graph = Hypergraph::<&str, &str>::new();

// Some data.
let foo = "foo";
let bar = "bar";

// Add two vertices.
assert_eq!(graph.add_vertex(foo), 0);
assert_eq!(graph.add_vertex(bar), 1);

// Add three hyperedges.
let weight_with_unary = "hyperedge with a unary {foo}";
assert_eq!(graph.add_hyperedge(&[0], weight_with_unary), Some([0, 0]));
let weight_with_self_loop = "hyperedge with a self-loop {foo, bar, bar}";
assert_eq!(graph.add_hyperedge(&[0, 1, 1], weight_with_self_loop), Some([1, 0]));
let different_weight_same_set = "hyperedge with identical set of vertices but different weight";
assert_eq!(graph.add_hyperedge(&[0, 1, 1], different_weight_same_set), Some([1, 1]));

// Count the vertices and the hyperedges.
assert_eq!(graph.count_vertices(), 2);
assert_eq!(graph.count_hyperedges(), 3);

// Get the weights of some hyperedges and vertices.
assert_eq!(graph.get_vertex_weight(0), Some(&foo));
assert_eq!(graph.get_vertex_weight(1), Some(&bar));
assert_eq!(graph.get_hyperedge_weight([0, 0]), Some(&weight_with_unary));
assert_eq!(graph.get_hyperedge_weight([1, 0]), Some(&weight_with_self_loop));
assert_eq!(graph.get_hyperedge_weight([1, 1]), Some(&different_weight_same_set));

// Get the vertices of a hyperedge.
assert_eq!(graph.get_hyperedge_vertices(1), Some(vec![0, 1, 1]));

// Check hyperedges intersections.
   graph.get_hyperedges_intersections(&[0, 1]),
   vec![0 as usize]

// Render the graph to Graphviz dot format.
//digraph {
//    edge [penwidth=0.5, arrowhead=normal, arrowsize=0.5, fontsize=8.0];
//    node [color=gray20, fontsize=8.0, fontcolor=white, style=filled, shape=circle];
//    rankdir=LR;
//    0 [label="\"foo\"\l", peripheries=2];
//    1 [label="\"bar\"\l"];
//    0 -> 1 -> 1 [color="#0c961e", fontcolor="#0c961e", label="\"hyperedge with a self-loop {foo, bar, bar}\"\l"];
//    0 -> 1 -> 1 [color="#024668", fontcolor="#024668", label="\"hyperedge with identical set of vertices but different weight\"\l"];



Public API.



A directed hypergraph composed of generic vertices and hyperedges.



Shared Trait for hyperedges and vertices. This is a set of traits that must be implemented to use the library.

Type Definitions


Hyperedge index - without weight(s) - representation as a usize.


Hyperedge representation as a growable array of vertices indexes.


Vertex index representation as a usize.


Hyperedge weighted index representation as an array of two usize. The first element is the index of the hyperedge. The second element is the distinct index representing one of its weight. E.g. [0, 0] and [0, 1] are two hyperedges - connecting the same vertices in the same order - with distinct weights (non-simple hypergraph).