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This library aims to enable communicating with Philips Hue lights via the correspnding Bridge.


A short overview of the most common use cases of this library.

Initial Setup

let bridge = hueclient::Bridge::discover_required()
    .register_user("mycomputer") // Press the bridge before running this
println!("the username was {}", bridge.username); // handy for later

Second run

const USERNAME: &str = "the username that was generated in the previous example";
let bridge = hueclient::Bridge::discover_required()

Good night

let cmd = hueclient::CommandLight::default().off();
for light in &bridge.get_all_lights().unwrap() {
    bridge.set_light_state(light.id, &cmd).unwrap();


The bridge is the central access point of the lamps is a Hue setup, and also the central access point of this library.

An unauthenticated bridge is a bridge that has not


Represents any of the ways that usage of this library may fail.


Type Definitions

A type alias used for convenience and consiceness throughout the library.