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The Horribly Unsafe Buffer Structure.

A Data Structure that allows for fast access to pre-allocated data in chunks and allows read-access to all currently comitted chunks in one call.

This is not a general ourpose data structure, if you attempt it to use it as such, it might yield terrible performance. This crate was made for slow-ticking game loops, so that one tick every 20ms or so can easily read hundreds of thousands of items with two atomic operations. Refer to Hubs to get started.


A Chunk of Data.

A Block of Chunks

The Hubs data structure. A Hubs holds a list of Chunks. Each Chunk contains an array of values of T.

The consumer side of the Hubs.

The producer side of the Hubs.

Some sort of write guard for a single chunk.


Trait used to fill the empty hubs with default data upon creation. See Hubs::new_default as an alternative Do not be afraid to implement this type, since it is used only once upon initalization.