[][src]Struct httptest::Server

pub struct Server { /* fields omitted */ }

The Server


impl Server[src]

pub fn run() -> Self[src]

Start a server.

The server will run in the background. On Drop it will terminate and assert it's expectations.

pub fn addr(&self) -> SocketAddr[src]

Get the address the server is listening on.

pub fn url(&self, path_and_query: &str) -> Uri[src]

Get a fully formed url to the servers address.

If the server is listening on port 1234.

server.url("/foo?q=1") == "http://localhost:1234/foo?q=1"

pub fn url_str(&self, path_and_query: &str) -> String[src]

Get a fully formed url to the servers address as a String.

server.url_str(foo) == server.url(foo).to_string()

pub fn expect(&self, expectation: Expectation)[src]

Add a new expectation to the server.

pub fn verify_and_clear(&mut self)[src]

Verify all registered expectations. Panic if any are not met, then clear all expectations leaving the server running in a clean state.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Server[src]

impl Drop for Server[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Server

impl Send for Server

impl Sync for Server

impl Unpin for Server

impl !UnwindSafe for Server

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