pub use driver::parse_document;
pub use driver::parse_fragment;
pub use driver::ParseOpts;
pub use driver::Parser;
pub use serialize::serialize;


The BufferQueue struct and helper types.

Data that is known at compile-time and hard-coded into the binary.

High-level interface to the parser.

Types for tag and attribute names, and tree-builder functionality.

Traits for serializing elements. The serializer expects the data to be xml-like (with a name, and optional children, attrs, text, comments, doctypes, and processing instructions). It uses the visitor pattern, where the serializer and the serializable objects are decoupled and implement their own traits.

This module contains a single struct SmallCharSet. See its documentation for details.

The HTML5 tokenizer.

The HTML5 tree builder.


Helper to quickly create an expanded name.

Takes a local name as a string and returns its key in the string cache.

Takes a namespace prefix string and returns its key in a string cache.

Takes a namespace url string and returns its key in a string cache.

Maps the input of namespace_prefix! to the output of namespace_url!.

Create a SmallCharSet, with each space-separated number stored in the set.


A tag attribute, e.g. class="test" in <div class="test" ...>.

An expanded name, containing the tag and the namespace.

A fully qualified name (with a namespace), used to depict names of tags and attributes.

Represents a set of “small characters”, those with Unicode scalar values less than 64.


Type Definitions