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Generic client and server implementations and transport implementations for hRPC.

  • For generic client and client implementations, see the client module.
  • For generic server and server implementations, see the server module.
  • For common code shared by client and servers, see the common module.
  • Modules named transport contain transport specific code.
  • Modules named layer contain layers for use. These can be generic, or transport specific.


Body utitilies and types.

Common client types and functions.

Common utilities.

Decoding utilities.

Encoding utilities.

Some re-exported crates that might be useful while writing software with hrpc.

The hRPC generated protocol.

The Request type used by hRPC.

The Response type used by hRPC.

Common server types and functions.


Bails with an error.

Takes a Result, returns the error if it’s Err, otherwise returns the Ok value.

Combines a list of services that implement MakeRoutes.

Include generated proto server and client items.

Macro to workaround async fns not being allowed in traits. You do not need to use this directly, instead you should use the handler macro attribute provided in the server prelude.


A hRPC request.

hRPC response type.


The hRPC protobuf mimetype.

The hRPC spec version this version of hrpc-rs implements.


Convenience function for converting some error to a boxed error.

Type Definitions

Alias for a type-erased error type.