[][src]Struct hotmic_prometheus::PrometheusExporter

pub struct PrometheusExporter { /* fields omitted */ }

Exports metrics by exposing a Prometheus exporter endpoint.


impl PrometheusExporter[src]

pub fn new(controller: Controller, addr: SocketAddr) -> Self[src]

Creates a new PrometheusExporter.

When run/spawned, the exporter will listen at the given socket address, responding to any requests by taking a snapshot and returning it in the text-based Prometheus exposition format.

pub fn run(self)[src]

Runs the exporter synchronously, blocking the calling thread.

You should run this in a dedicated thread:

let addr = "localhost:9090".parse().expect("failed to parse listen address");
let mut exporter = PrometheusExporter::new(controller, addr);
std::thread::spawn(move || exporter.run());

pub fn into_future(self) -> impl Future<Item = (), Error = HyperError> + Send[src]

Converts this exporter into a future that runs the Hyper-based exporter endpoint.

let addr = "localhost:9090".parse().expect("failed to parse listen address");
let exporter = PrometheusExporter::new(controller, addr);
let server = exporter.into_future().map_err(|_| ());

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