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homie-controller is a library for creating controllers to interact via an MQTT broker with IoT devices implementing the Homie convention.


A colour in hue-saturation-value format.

A colour in red-green-blue format.

A Homie device which has been discovered.

The value of a Homie enum property.

A Homie extension supported by a device.

A Homie controller, which connects to an MQTT broker and interacts with Homie devices.

A node of a Homie device.

An error while attempting to parse a Color from a string.

An error while attempting to parse an EnumValue from a string, because the string is empty.

A property of a Homie node.


The format of a colour property, either RGB or HSV.

The data type of a Homie property.

An event from a Homie device, either because of a property change or because something new has been discovered.

An error encountered while polling a HomieController.

The state of a Homie device according to the Homie device lifecycle.

An error encountered while parsing the value or format of a property.


The value of a Homie property. This has implementations corresponding to the possible property datatypes.