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Generic implementation of Hash-based Message Authentication Code (HMAC).

To use it you will need a cryptographic hash function implementation which implements the digest crate traits. You can find compatible crates (e.g. sha2) in the RustCrypto/hashes repository.

This crate provides two HMAC implementation Hmac and SimpleHmac. The first one is a buffered wrapper around block-level HmacCore. Internally it uses efficient state representation, but works only with hash functions which expose block-level API and consume blocks eagerly (e.g. it will not work with the BLAKE2 family of hash functions). On the other hand, SimpleHmac is a bit less efficient memory-wise, but works with all hash functions which implement the Digest trait.


Let us demonstrate how to use HMAC using the SHA-256 hash function.

In the following examples Hmac is interchangeable with SimpleHmac.

To get authentication code:

use sha2::Sha256;
use hmac::{Hmac, Mac};
use hex_literal::hex;

// Create alias for HMAC-SHA256
type HmacSha256 = Hmac<Sha256>;

let mut mac = HmacSha256::new_from_slice(b"my secret and secure key")
    .expect("HMAC can take key of any size");
mac.update(b"input message");

// `result` has type `CtOutput` which is a thin wrapper around array of
// bytes for providing constant time equality check
let result = mac.finalize();
// To get underlying array use `into_bytes`, but be careful, since
// incorrect use of the code value may permit timing attacks which defeats
// the security provided by the `CtOutput`
let code_bytes = result.into_bytes();
let expected = hex!("
assert_eq!(code_bytes[..], expected[..]);

To verify the message:

let mut mac = HmacSha256::new_from_slice(b"my secret and secure key")
    .expect("HMAC can take key of any size");

mac.update(b"input message");

let code_bytes = hex!("
// `verify_slice` will return `Ok(())` if code is correct, `Err(MacError)` otherwise

Block and input sizes

Usually it is assumed that block size is larger than output size. Due to the generic nature of the implementation, this edge case must be handled as well to remove potential panic. This is done by truncating hash output to the hash block size if needed.


pub use digest;


Generic core HMAC instance, which operates over blocks.

Simplified HMAC instance able to operate over hash functions which do not expose block-level API and hash functions which process blocks lazily (e.g. BLAKE2).


Convinience wrapper trait covering functionality of Message Authentication algorithms.

Type Definitions

Generic HMAC instance.