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pub use headers;



The main entry point to highnoon. An App can be launched as a server or mounted into another App. Each App has a chain of Filters which are applied to each request.
A Wrapper to return Form data. This can be wrapped over any serde::Serialize type.
A Wrapper to return a JSON payload. This can be wrapped over any serde::Serialize type.
The Request Method (VERB)
A parsed mime or media type.
An incoming request
A response to be returned to the client. You do not always need to use this struct directly as endpoints can return anything implementing Responder. However this is the most flexible way to construct a reply, and it implements Responder (the “identity” implementation).
Returned by App::at and attaches method handlers to a route.
An HTTP status code (status-code in RFC 7230 et al.).


Error type expected to be returned by endpoints.
An enum representing the various forms of a WebSocket message.


Implement Endpoint for a type to be used as a method handler.
This trait is implemented for all the common types you can return from an endpoint
State must be implemented for any type being used as the App’s state

Type Definitions