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Response to the bin_info command

Response to the checksum_pages command

Response to the dmesg command

Response to the info command

Response to the read_words command



trait to implement HID devices


This command states the current mode of the device:

Compute checksum of a number of pages. Maximum value for num_pages is max_message_size / 2 - 2. The checksum algorithm used is CRC-16-CCITT.

Return internal log buffer if any. The result is a character array.

Various device information. The result is a character array. See INFO_UF2.TXT in UF2 format for details.

Read a number of words from memory. Memory is read word by word (and not byte by byte), and target_addr must be suitably aligned. This is to support reading of special IO regions.

Reset the device into user-space app. Empty tuple response.

Reset the device into bootloader, usually for flashing. Empty tuple response.

When issued in bootloader mode, it has no effect. In user-space mode it causes handover to bootloader. A BININFO command can be issued to verify that. Empty tuple response.

Write a single page of flash memory. Empty tuple response.

Dual of READ WORDS, with the same constraints. Empty tuple response.