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hermit-sync provides synchronization primitives targeted at operating system kernels.


without_interrupts runs a closure with disabled interrupts.


This crate provides three kinds of mutexes based on lock_api::RawMutex:

For API documentation see lock_api::Mutex.


use hermit_sync::InterruptSpinMutex;

static NUMBER: InterruptSpinMutex<usize> = InterruptSpinMutex::new(0);

// Modify the data
*NUMBER.lock() = 2;

// Read the data
let answer = *NUMBER.lock();
assert_eq!(2, answer);

Initializing Static Data

There are two primitives for safely initializing static data based on generic_once_cell and RawSpinMutex:

  • OnceCell can be written to only once and can then be accessed without locking.
  • Lazy wraps a OnceCell and is initialized on the first access from a closure.

For API documentation see generic_once_cell::OnceCell and generic_once_cell::Lazy.


use std::collections::HashMap;

use hermit_sync::InterruptLazy;

static MAP: InterruptLazy<HashMap<usize, String>> = InterruptLazy::new(|| {
    // This is run on the first access of MAP.
    let mut map = HashMap::new();
    map.insert(42, "Ferris".to_string());
    map.insert(3, "やれやれだぜ".to_string());

assert_eq!("Ferris", MAP.get(&42).unwrap());

Accessing Static Data Mutably

There is ExclusiveCell for safely accessing static data mutable once.

Type Definitions

This crate provides a lot of type definitions for ease of use:



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