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Http Error Manual

heman is a CLI for the http-status-codes2 library which models IANA’s HTTP Status Code Registry.

It allows you to quickly search for a HTTP status code by its code or description, optionally providing the references and links to the RFCs where the status code was specified.


Use heman help for instructions how to use the CLI.


Search by status code to find what that code means:

$ heman code 401
401 Unauthorized

Search by a substring of the status code description:

$ heman search redirect
307 Temporary Redirect
308 Permanent Redirect

§Unofficial Code Registry

The http-status-codes2 library also contains an unofficial code registry of a handful of arbitrarily selected status codes which have been proposed or used with some degree of popularity. This unofficial registry can be optionally included in the query using the --unofficial flag:

$ heman --unofficial search pot
418 I'm a teapot

To see the reference to the HTTP status code, use the --reference flag. For a link to that reference, use --link:

$ heman --reference code 403
403 Forbidden, [RFC9110, Section 15.5.4]
$ heman --link search timeout
408 Request Timeout,
504 Gateway Timeout,
$ heman -rl code 300
300 Multiple Choices, [RFC9110, Section 15.4.1],

§Environment Variables

Instead of the CLI flags you can set these environment variables:


NOTE: The heman CLI only checks if one of these environment variables is set. The value does not matter.

$ heman search pot
418 I'm a teapot, [RFC2324, Section 2.3.2]