[][src]Crate hektor

A library for hekkin vectors.

  • The crate is oriented towards use for simulation and graphics, so dimensions above 4 are not supported.
  • Generics are avoided to keep incremental build times as low as possible.
  • Each type has methods appropriate to that type: length of a vector, discriminant of a matrix, and so on.
  • If the free_functions cargo feature is enabled (on by default) then there are also top level functions provided that are generic over anything that can support that operation. For example, abs can be used on "anything that you can take an absolute value on", so it works equally with f32, f64, all Vector types, and all Matrix types. Some are concerned about having a fully consistent code base style, so you can turn this feature off if you don't want to be tempted by alternate versions.


pub use lokacore;



Contains all the traits that control the usage of the "free functions".



Two-dimensional vector: x and y.


Three-dimensional vector: x, y, and z.


Four-dimensional vector: x, y, z, and w.



Per-component absolute value.