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This crate provides a simple interface for interacting with Handshake mainnet, testnet, and regtest.


pub use nets::*;


Implementations of the TxBuilder for Handshake transactions.

Holds Bitcoin-specific encoding tools. This includes an AddressEncoder that handles bech32 and base58check addresses, as well as newtypes that hold the Bitcoin network prefix information for addresses.

This module holds MarkedDigest types used by Handshake transactions. Currently we represent only TXIDs and WTXIDs. In the future we may also represent sighash digests this way. It also holds a blake2b160 wrapper function.

The handshake::nets module cotains Handshake network definitions. These are the main interface for accessing the library.

Common re-exports

Holds Handshake specific types, witnesses, inputs, outputs, and transactions.