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The top-level documentation resides on the project README at the moment.

The main interface to this library is the custom derive that generates modules from a GraphQL query and schema. See the docs for the GraphQLQuery trait for a full example.

Cargo features

  • graphql_query_derive (default: on): enables the #[derive(GraphqlQuery)] custom derive.
  • reqwest (default: off): exposes the graphql_client::reqwest::post_graphql() function.
  • reqwest-blocking (default: off): exposes the blocking version, graphql_client::reqwest::post_graphql_blocking().


An element in the top-level errors array of a response body.

Represents a location inside a query string. Used in errors. See Error.

The form in which queries are sent over HTTP in most implementations. This will be built using the GraphQLQuery trait normally.

The generic shape taken by the responses of GraphQL APIs.


Part of a path in a query. It can be an object key or an array index. See Error.


A convenience trait that can be used to build a GraphQL request body.