[][src]Struct gpsd_proto::Watch

pub struct Watch {
    pub enable: Option<bool>,
    pub json: Option<bool>,
    pub nmea: Option<bool>,
    pub raw: Option<u8>,
    pub scaled: Option<bool>,
    pub timing: Option<bool>,
    pub split24: Option<bool>,
    pub pps: Option<bool>,

Watch response. Elicits a report of per-subscriber policy.


enable: Option<bool>

Enable (true) or disable (false) watcher mode. Default is true.

json: Option<bool>

Enable (true) or disable (false) dumping of JSON reports. Default is false.

nmea: Option<bool>

Enable (true) or disable (false) dumping of binary packets as pseudo-NMEA. Default is false.

raw: Option<u8>

Controls 'raw' mode. When this attribute is set to 1 for a channel, gpsd reports the unprocessed NMEA or AIVDM data stream from whatever device is attached. Binary GPS packets are hex-dumped. RTCM2 and RTCM3 packets are not dumped in raw mode. When this attribute is set to 2 for a channel that processes binary data, gpsd reports the received data verbatim without hex-dumping.

scaled: Option<bool>

If true, apply scaling divisors to output before dumping; default is false.

timing: Option<bool>


split24: Option<bool>

If true, aggregate AIS type24 sentence parts. If false, report each part as a separate JSON object, leaving the client to match MMSIs and aggregate. Default is false. Applies only to AIS reports.

pps: Option<bool>

If true, emit the TOFF JSON message on each cycle and a PPS JSON message when the device issues 1PPS. Default is false.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Watch[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for Watch[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Sync for Watch

impl Send for Watch

impl Unpin for Watch

impl RefUnwindSafe for Watch

impl UnwindSafe for Watch

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