[][src]Struct gpsd_proto::Device

pub struct Device {
    pub path: Option<String>,
    pub activated: Option<String>,
    pub flags: Option<i32>,
    pub driver: Option<String>,
    pub subtype: Option<String>,
    pub bps: Option<u16>,
    pub parity: Option<String>,
    pub stopbits: Option<u8>,
    pub native: Option<u8>,
    pub cycle: Option<f32>,
    pub mincycle: Option<f32>,

Device information.


path: Option<String>

Name the device for which the control bits are being reported, or for which they are to be applied. This attribute may be omitted only when there is exactly one subscribed channel.

activated: Option<String>

Time the device was activated as an ISO8601 timestamp. If the device is inactive this attribute is absent.

flags: Option<i32>

Bit vector of property flags. Currently defined flags are: describe packet types seen so far (GPS, RTCM2, RTCM3, AIS). Won't be reported if empty, e.g. before gpsd has seen identifiable packets from the device.

driver: Option<String>

GPSD's name for the device driver type. Won't be reported before gpsd has seen identifiable packets from the device.

subtype: Option<String>

Whatever version information the device returned.

bps: Option<u16>

Device speed in bits per second.

parity: Option<String>

N, O or E for no parity, odd, or even.

stopbits: Option<u8>

Stop bits (1 or 2).

native: Option<u8>

0 means NMEA mode and 1 means alternate mode (binary if it has one, for SiRF and Evermore chipsets in particular). Attempting to set this mode on a non-GPS device will yield an error.

cycle: Option<f32>

Device cycle time in seconds.

mincycle: Option<f32>

Device minimum cycle time in seconds. Reported from ?DEVICE when (and only when) the rate is switchable. It is read-only and not settable.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Device[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for Device[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Sync for Device

impl Send for Device

impl Unpin for Device

impl RefUnwindSafe for Device

impl UnwindSafe for Device

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