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A library for interacting with the Google Play API, strongly following google play python API patterns.

Getting Started

Interacting with the API starts off with initializing the API and logging in.

use gpapi::Gpapi;

async fn main() {
    let mut gpa = Gpapi::new("en_US", "UTC", "hero2lte");
    gpa.login("someone@gmail.com", "somepass").await;
    // do something

From here, you can get package details, get the info to download a package, or use the library to download it.

let details = gpa.details("com.instagram.android").await;
println!("{:?}", details);

let download_info = gpa.get_download_info("com.instagram.android", None).await;
println!("{:?}", download_info);

gpa.download("com.instagram.android", None, true, true, &Path::new("/tmp/testing")).await;



The Gpapi object is the sole way to interact with the Play Store API. It abstracts the logic of low-level communication with Google’s Play Store servers.