[][src]Struct gotham::handler::HandlerError

pub struct HandlerError { /* fields omitted */ }

Describes an error which occurred during handler execution, and allows the creation of a HTTP Response.


impl HandlerError[src]

pub fn with_status(self, status_code: StatusCode) -> HandlerError[src]

Sets the HTTP status code of the response which is generated by the IntoResponse implementation.

fn handler(state: State) -> Pin<Box<HandlerFuture>> {
    // It's OK if this is bogus, we just need something to convert into a `HandlerError`.
    let io_error = std::io::Error::last_os_error();

    let handler_error = io_error

    future::err((state, handler_error)).boxed()

let test_server = TestServer::new(|| Ok(handler)).unwrap();
let response = test_server.client().get("http://example.com/").perform().unwrap();
assert_eq!(response.status(), StatusCode::IM_A_TEAPOT);

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for HandlerError[src]

impl Display for HandlerError[src]

impl Error for HandlerError[src]

impl IntoResponse for HandlerError[src]

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