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ImportKey identifies an imported package by import path and source directory (directory containing the file containing the import). In practice, the directory may always be the same, or may not matter. Given an (import path, directory), an importer must always return the same package (but given two different import paths, an importer may still return the same package by mapping them to the same package paths).

The container of all “managed” objects also works as a “global” variable holder

Types info holds the results of Type Checking

Universe sets up the universe scope, the unsafe package and all the builtin types and functions


A Builtin is the id of a builtin function.

constant implements Values representing untyped Go constants and their corresponding operations.

DeclInfo describes a package-level const, type, var, or func declaration.

EntityType defines the types of LangObj entities

An OperandMode specifies the (addressing) mode of an operand.


identical reports whether x and y are identical types. Receivers of Signature types are ignored.