[][src]Struct goose::goose::GooseRawRequest

pub struct GooseRawRequest {
    pub elapsed: u64,
    pub method: GooseMethod,
    pub name: String,
    pub url: String,
    pub final_url: String,
    pub redirected: bool,
    pub response_time: u64,
    pub status_code: u16,
    pub success: bool,
    pub update: bool,
    pub user: usize,

The request that Goose is making. User threads send this data to the parent thread when metrics are enabled. This request object must be provided to calls to set_success or set_failure so Goose knows which request is being updated.


elapsed: u64

How many milliseconds the load test has been running.

method: GooseMethod

The method being used (ie, GET, POST, etc).

name: String

The optional name of the request.

url: String

The full URL that was requested.

final_url: String

The final full URL that was requested, after redirects.

redirected: bool

How many milliseconds the request took.

response_time: u64

How many milliseconds the request took.

status_code: u16

The HTTP response code (optional).

success: bool

Whether or not the request was successful.

update: bool

Whether or not we're updating a previous request, modifies how the parent thread records it.

user: usize

Which GooseUser thread processed the request.


impl GooseRawRequest[src]

pub fn new(
    method: GooseMethod,
    name: &str,
    url: &str,
    elapsed: u128,
    user: usize
) -> Self

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for GooseRawRequest[src]

impl Debug for GooseRawRequest[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for GooseRawRequest[src]

impl Serialize for GooseRawRequest[src]

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