Struct google_youtube3::VideoAgeGating [] [src]

pub struct VideoAgeGating {
    pub restricted: Option<bool>,
    pub alcohol_content: Option<bool>,
    pub video_game_rating: Option<String>,

There is no detailed description.

This type is not used in any activity, and only used as part of another schema.


Age-restricted trailers. For redband trailers and adult-rated video-games. Only users aged 18+ can view the content. The the field is true the content is restricted to viewers aged 18+. Otherwise The field won't be present.

Indicates whether or not the video has alcoholic beverage content. Only users of legal purchasing age in a particular country, as identified by ICAP, can view the content.

Video game rating, if any.

Trait Implementations

impl Default for VideoAgeGating

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impl Clone for VideoAgeGating

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impl Debug for VideoAgeGating

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impl Part for VideoAgeGating