Struct google_youtube3::ChannelSettings [] [src]

pub struct ChannelSettings {
    pub description: Option<String>,
    pub title: Option<String>,
    pub country: Option<String>,
    pub show_browse_view: Option<bool>,
    pub featured_channels_title: Option<String>,
    pub default_language: Option<String>,
    pub unsubscribed_trailer: Option<String>,
    pub featured_channels_urls: Option<Vec<String>>,
    pub profile_color: Option<String>,
    pub default_tab: Option<String>,
    pub moderate_comments: Option<bool>,
    pub keywords: Option<String>,
    pub show_related_channels: Option<bool>,
    pub tracking_analytics_account_id: Option<String>,

Branding properties for the channel view.

This type is not used in any activity, and only used as part of another schema.


Specifies the channel description.

Specifies the channel title.

The country of the channel.

Whether the tab to browse the videos should be displayed.

Title for the featured channels tab.

no description provided

The trailer of the channel, for users that are not subscribers.

The list of featured channels.

A prominent color that can be rendered on this channel page.

Which content tab users should see when viewing the channel.

Whether user-submitted comments left on the channel page need to be approved by the channel owner to be publicly visible.

Lists keywords associated with the channel, comma-separated.

Whether related channels should be proposed.

The ID for a Google Analytics account to track and measure traffic to the channels.

Trait Implementations

impl Default for ChannelSettings

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impl Clone for ChannelSettings

Returns a copy of the value. Read more

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impl Debug for ChannelSettings

Formats the value using the given formatter.

impl Part for ChannelSettings