Enum google_youtube3::Error [] [src]

pub enum Error {
    FieldClash(&'static str),


The http connection failed

An attempt was made to upload a resource with size stored in field .0 even though the maximum upload size is what is stored in field .1.

Represents information about a request that was not understood by the server. Details are included.

We needed an API key for authentication, but didn't obtain one. Neither through the authenticator, nor through the Delegate.

We required a Token, but didn't get one from the Authenticator

The delgate instructed to cancel the operation

An additional, free form field clashed with one of the built-in optional ones

Shows that we failed to decode the server response. This can happen if the protocol changes in conjunction with strict json decoding.

Indicates an HTTP repsonse with a non-success status code

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Error

Formats the value using the given formatter.

impl Display for Error

Formats the value using the given formatter. Read more

impl Error for Error

A short description of the error. Read more

The lower-level cause of this error, if any. Read more