Struct google_spectrum1_explorer::AntennaCharacteristics[][src]

pub struct AntennaCharacteristics {
    pub height_type: Option<String>,
    pub height_uncertainty: Option<f64>,
    pub height: Option<f64>,

Antenna characteristics provide additional information, such as the antenna height, antenna type, etc. Whether antenna characteristics must be provided in a request depends on the device type and regulatory domain.

This type is not used in any activity, and only used as part of another schema.


If the height is required, then the height type (AGL for above ground level or AMSL for above mean sea level) is also required. The default is AGL.

The height uncertainty in meters. Whether this is required depends on the regulatory domain.

The antenna height in meters. Whether the antenna height is required depends on the device type and the regulatory domain. Note that the height may be negative.

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impl Part for AntennaCharacteristics

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