Struct google_orgpolicy2::api::GoogleCloudOrgpolicyV2Policy[][src]

pub struct GoogleCloudOrgpolicyV2Policy {
    pub name: Option<String>,
    pub spec: Option<GoogleCloudOrgpolicyV2PolicySpec>,

Defines a Cloud Organization Policy which is used to specify Constraints for configurations of Cloud Platform resources.


This type is used in activities, which are methods you may call on this type or where this type is involved in. The list links the activity name, along with information about where it is used (one of request and response).


name: Option<String>

Immutable. The resource name of the Policy. Must be one of the following forms, where constraint_name is the name of the constraint which this Policy configures: * projects/{project_number}/policies/{constraint_name} * folders/{folder_id}/policies/{constraint_name} * organizations/{organization_id}/policies/{constraint_name} For example, “projects/123/policies/compute.disableSerialPortAccess”. Note: projects/{project_id}/policies/{constraint_name} is also an acceptable name for API requests, but responses will return the name using the equivalent project number.

spec: Option<GoogleCloudOrgpolicyV2PolicySpec>

Basic information about the Organization Policy.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for GoogleCloudOrgpolicyV2Policy[src]

impl Debug for GoogleCloudOrgpolicyV2Policy[src]

impl Default for GoogleCloudOrgpolicyV2Policy[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for GoogleCloudOrgpolicyV2Policy[src]

impl RequestValue for GoogleCloudOrgpolicyV2Policy[src]

impl ResponseResult for GoogleCloudOrgpolicyV2Policy[src]

impl Serialize for GoogleCloudOrgpolicyV2Policy[src]

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