[][src]Struct google_calendar3::Channel

pub struct Channel {
    pub resource_uri: Option<String>,
    pub kind: Option<String>,
    pub resource_id: Option<String>,
    pub id: Option<String>,
    pub token: Option<String>,
    pub params: Option<HashMap<String, String>>,
    pub expiration: Option<String>,
    pub address: Option<String>,
    pub type_: Option<String>,
    pub payload: Option<bool>,

There is no detailed description.


This type is used in activities, which are methods you may call on this type or where this type is involved in. The list links the activity name, along with information about where it is used (one of request and response).


resource_uri: Option<String>

A version-specific identifier for the watched resource.

kind: Option<String>

Identifies this as a notification channel used to watch for changes to a resource, which is "api#channel".

resource_id: Option<String>

An opaque ID that identifies the resource being watched on this channel. Stable across different API versions.

id: Option<String>

A UUID or similar unique string that identifies this channel.

token: Option<String>

An arbitrary string delivered to the target address with each notification delivered over this channel. Optional.

params: Option<HashMap<String, String>>

Additional parameters controlling delivery channel behavior. Optional.

expiration: Option<String>

Date and time of notification channel expiration, expressed as a Unix timestamp, in milliseconds. Optional.

address: Option<String>

The address where notifications are delivered for this channel.

type_: Option<String>

The type of delivery mechanism used for this channel.

payload: Option<bool>

A Boolean value to indicate whether payload is wanted. Optional.

Trait Implementations

impl Resource for Channel[src]

impl ResponseResult for Channel[src]

impl RequestValue for Channel[src]

impl Clone for Channel[src]

impl Default for Channel[src]

impl Debug for Channel[src]

impl Serialize for Channel[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for Channel[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Channel

impl Sync for Channel

impl Unpin for Channel

impl UnwindSafe for Channel

impl RefUnwindSafe for Channel

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