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gMorph - Fully Homomorphic Encryption library

gMorph is written entirely in Rust and is meant to be easily cross-compiled to WebAssembly for use in gWasm.

gMorph is very much experimental in nature so things are expected to break unexpectedly. If you find a bug, please file a bug report here.


use gmorph::*;

let key_pair = KeyPair::default();
let enc: Vec<_> = (1..10).map(|x| Enc::encrypt(&key_pair, x)).collect();
let enc = enc
    .fold(Enc::encrypt(&key_pair, 0), |acc, x| acc + x);
let given = enc.decrypt(&key_pair);
let expected: u32 = (1..10).sum();

assert_eq!(expected, given, "the sums should be equal, and equal to 45");

More examples:

You can find some more examples in examples folder.


pub use self::enc::Decrypt;
pub use self::enc::Enc;
pub use self::enc::Encrypt;
pub use self::enc::KeyPair;



Types and traits which lift u32 type to FHE compatible Enc struct