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These are typings for the Gms2 Manual Documentation, which is provided by the executable made by this crate. That executable is not published on crates.io, but is at the projects Github page, where users can get the exe in the releases page.

The purpose of these typings are for downstream consumers of the Manual, who will create their database offline and load those typings using Serde. These typings do not assume that users will create them at all, but they are made entirely public for simplicity. Therefore, this library makes guarentees which the type system does not and could not support, as the guarentees this documentation makes are held up by invariants in the exe which creates the Json, rather than the type system itself.



The typings for the Entire Manual. This can be read as one massive Json.


A constant parsed from the GmManual.


A function scraped from the Gm Manual.


A parameter and description from the manual. Parameters do not directly indicate if they are optional or variadic -- instead, look at GmManualFunction.


A variable scraped from the GmManual.