[][src]Trait glsp::IntoElement

pub trait IntoElement<T>: Sealed<T> {
    pub fn into_element(self) -> Result<T, GError>;

A type which can be stored in a deque.

Types which implement IntoElement<Slot> can be stored in an Arr or a Deque. This has a blanket implementation for any type which implements IntoVal.

Types which implement IntoElement<char> can be stored in a Str. This is implemented for char, Val, and shared and mutable references to those types.

This trait is sealed. It's not possible to implement this trait for your own types. Implement IntoVal instead.

Required methods

pub fn into_element(self) -> Result<T, GError>[src]

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl IntoElement<char> for char[src]

impl<'_> IntoElement<char> for &'_ mut char[src]

impl<'_> IntoElement<char> for &'_ char[src]

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impl IntoElement<char> for Val[src]

impl<'_> IntoElement<char> for &'_ Val[src]

impl<'_> IntoElement<char> for &'_ mut Val[src]

impl<T> IntoElement<Slot> for T where
    T: IntoVal

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