Struct glommio::io::DmaStreamWriterBuilder[][src]

pub struct DmaStreamWriterBuilder { /* fields omitted */ }

Builds a DmaStreamWriter, allowing linear access to a Direct I/O DmaFile


impl DmaStreamWriterBuilder[src]

#[must_use = "The builder must be built to be useful"]
pub fn new(file: DmaFile) -> DmaStreamWriterBuilder

Creates a new DmaStreamWriterBuilder, given a DmaFile

Various properties can be set by using its with methods.

A DmaStreamWriter can later be constructed from it by calling build


use glommio::{
    io::{DmaFile, DmaStreamWriterBuilder},

let ex = LocalExecutor::default(); {
    let file = DmaFile::create("myfile.txt").await.unwrap();
    let _reader = DmaStreamWriterBuilder::new(file).build();

pub fn with_write_behind(self, write_behind: usize) -> Self[src]

Define the number of write-behind buffers that will be used by the DmaStreamWriter

Higher write-behind numbers mean more parallelism but also more memory usage. As long as there is still write-behind buffers available writing to this DmaStreamWriter will not block.

pub fn with_sync_on_close_disabled(self, flush_disabled: bool) -> Self[src]

Does not issue a sync operation when closing the file. This is dangerous and in most cases may lead to data loss.

pub fn with_buffer_size(self, buffer_size: usize) -> Self[src]

Define the buffer size that will be used by the DmaStreamWriter

pub fn build(self) -> DmaStreamWriter[src]

Builds a DmaStreamWriter with the properties defined by this DmaStreamWriterBuilder

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for DmaStreamWriterBuilder[src]

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