[][src]Crate github_app_auth

This crate provides a library for authenticating with the GitHub API as a GitHub app. See Authenticating with GitHub Apps for details about the authentication flow.


use github_app_auth::{GithubAuthParams, InstallationToken};

// The token is mutable because the installation token must be
// periodically refreshed. See the `GithubAuthParams` documentation
// for details on how to get the private key and the two IDs.
let mut token = InstallationToken::new(GithubAuthParams {
    private_key: b"my private key".to_vec(),
    app_id: 1234,
    installation_id: 5678,
}).expect("failed to get installation token");

// Getting the authentication header will automatically refresh
// the token if necessary, but of course this operation can fail.
let header = token.header().expect("failed to get authentication header");




Input parameters for authenticating as a GitHub app. This is used to get an installation token.


An installation token is the primary method for authenticating with the GitHub API as an application.



Authentication error enum.