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Uniform access to github and gitlab

Currently, listing and creating merge requests is suppored.


use gitforge::forge;

let mut f = forge::Config {
  kind: "github".parse().ok(),
  host: "".into(),

let req = forge::Req::MergeRequests(forge::Req_MergeRequests{
  target_repo: "CVEProject/cvelist".into(),
  statuses: Some([forge::IssueMrStatus::Open].iter().cloned().collect()),

match f.request(&req).unwrap() {
  forge::Resp::MergeRequests { mrs,.. } => {
    for mr in mrs {
      println!("{:?}", &mr);
  x => panic!("unexpected response {:?}", &x),


Uniform access to github and gitlab

GitHub client, talking to one GitHub instance

GitLab client, talking to one GitLab instance