macro_rules! render_testament {
    ( $testament:expr ) => { ... };
    ( $testament:expr, $trusted_branch:expr ) => { ... };
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Render a testament

This macro can be used to render a testament created with the git_testament macro. It renders a testament with the added benefit of indicating if the tag does not match the version (by substring) then the crate’s version and the tag will be displayed in the form: “crate-ver :: testament…”

For situations where the crate version MUST override the tag, for example if you have a release process where you do not make the tag unless the CI constructing the release artifacts passes, then you can pass a second argument to this macro stating a branch name to trust. If the working tree is clean and the branch name matches then the testament is rendered as though the tag had been pushed at the built commit. Since this overrides a fundamental part of the behaviour of git_testament it is recommended that this ONLY be used if you have a trusted CI release branch process.

use git_testament::{git_testament, render_testament};


println!("The testament is: {}", render_testament!(TESTAMENT));
println!("The fiddled testament is: {}", render_testament!(TESTAMENT, "trusted-branch"));