git_testament!() { /* proc-macro */ }
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Generate a testament for the working tree.

This macro declares a static data structure which represents a testament to the state of a git repository at the point that a crate was built.

The intention is that the macro should be used at the top level of a binary crate to provide information about the state of the codebase that the output program was built from. This includes a number of things such as the commit SHA, any related tag, how many commits since the tag, the date of the commit, and if there are any “dirty” parts to the working tree such as modified files, uncommitted files, etc.

// Bring the procedural macro into scope
use git_testament::git_testament;

// Declare a testament, it'll end up as a static, so give it a capital
// letters name or it'll result in a warning.

// ... later, you can display the testament.
println!("app version {TESTAMENT}");

See [git_testament::GitTestament] for the type of the defined TESTAMENT.