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Keep track of all the git repositories on your machine.

This crate houses the binary and library for the git-global subcommand, a way to find, query statuses, and gain other insights about all the git repos on your machine. The binary can be installed with cargo: cargo install git-global.

Command-line Usage

$ git global [status]  # show `git status -s` for all your git repos
$ git global info      # show information about git-global itself
$ git global list      # show all git repos git-global knows about
$ git global scan      # search your filesystem for git repos and update cache
# ...
$ git global help      # show usage and all subcommands

Public Interface

The git-global project’s primary goal is to produce a useful binary. There’s no driving force to provide a very good library for other Rust projects to use, so this documentation primarily serves to illustrate how the codebase is structured. (If a library use-case arises, however, that would be fine.)

The Repo struct is a git repository that is identified by the full path to its base directory (instead of, say, its .git directory).

The Config struct holds a user’s git-global configuration information, which usually merges some default values with values in the [global] section of the user’s global .gitconfig file. It provides access to the list of known Repos via the get_repos() method, which reads from a cache file, populating it for the first time after performing a filesystem scan, if necessary.

A Report contains messages added by a subcommand about the overall results of what it did, as well as messages about the specific Repos to which that subcommand applies. All subcommand modules expose an execute() function that takes ownership of a Config struct and returns a Result<Report>. These subcommands live in the subcommands module.

The run_from_command_line() function handles running git-global from the command line and serves as the entry point for the binary.


  • Subcommand implementations and dispatch function run().


  • A container for git-global configuration options.
  • A git repository, represented by the full path to its base directory.
  • A report containing the results of a git-global subcommand.



  • Returns the definitive clap::Command instance for git-global.
  • Runs the appropriate git-global subcommand based on command line arguments.

Type Definitions

  • Our Result alias with GitGlobalError as the error type.