[][src]Trait git_checks::BranchCheck

pub trait BranchCheck: Send + Sync {
    fn name(&self) -> &str;
fn check(
        ctx: &CheckGitContext,
        commit: &CommitId
    ) -> Result<CheckResult>; }

Interface for checks which runs once for the entire branch.

This is intended for checks which do not need to check the content, but instead, look at metadata such as the author or the topology of the branch.

Required methods

fn name(&self) -> &str

The name of the check.

fn check(&self, ctx: &CheckGitContext, commit: &CommitId) -> Result<CheckResult>

Run the check.

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impl BranchCheck for AllowRobot[src]

impl BranchCheck for ReleaseBranch[src]

impl BranchCheck for ValidName[src]

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