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Git Interactive Rebase Tool - View Module


This module is used to handle working with the view.

Test Utilities

To facilitate testing the usages of this crate, a set of testing utilities are provided. Since these utilities are not tested, and often are optimized for developer experience than performance should only be used in test code.


Utilities for writing tests that interact with input events.


Assert the rendered output from a ViewData.

Assert the rendered output from a ViewData.


Represents a segment in a larger line.

Represents data associated with rendering content.

Represents a view.

Represents the content to be rendered to the View.

An updater utility for a ViewData.

Represents a line in the view.

Represents a message sender and receiver for passing actions between threads.


An action to send to the thread handling updates to the view.


Spawn a thread that will handle rendering contents to the View.