[][src]Struct gfx_window_sdl::Device

pub struct Device { /* fields omitted */ }

An OpenGL device with GLSL shaders.


impl Device[src]

pub unsafe fn with_gl<F>(&mut self, fun: F) where
    F: FnMut(&Gl), 

Access the OpenGL directly via a closure. OpenGL types and enumerations can be found in the gl crate.

pub fn get_info(&'a self) -> &'a Info[src]

Get the OpenGL-specific driver information

Trait Implementations

impl Device for Device[src]

type Resources = Resources

Associated Resources type.

type CommandBuffer = CommandBuffer

Associated CommandBuffer type. Every Device type can only work with one CommandBuffer type. Read more

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !Send for Device

impl !Sync for Device

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