[][src]Struct gfx_hal::window::SurfaceCapabilities

pub struct SurfaceCapabilities {
    pub image_count: RangeInclusive<SwapImageIndex>,
    pub current_extent: Option<Extent2D>,
    pub extents: RangeInclusive<Extent2D>,
    pub max_image_layers: Layer,
    pub usage: Usage,
    pub present_modes: PresentMode,
    pub composite_alpha_modes: CompositeAlphaMode,

Describes information about what a Surface's properties are. Fetch this with Surface::capabilities.


image_count: RangeInclusive<SwapImageIndex>

Number of presentable images supported by the adapter for a swapchain created from this surface.

  • image_count.start must be at least 1.
  • image_count.end must be larger or equal to image_count.start.
current_extent: Option<Extent2D>

Current extent of the surface.

None if the surface has no explicit size, depending on the swapchain extent.

extents: RangeInclusive<Extent2D>

Range of supported extents.

current_extent must be inside this range.

max_image_layers: Layer

Maximum number of layers supported for presentable images.

Must be at least 1.

usage: Usage

Supported image usage flags.

present_modes: PresentMode

A bitmask of supported presentation modes.

composite_alpha_modes: CompositeAlphaMode

A bitmask of supported alpha composition modes.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for SurfaceCapabilities[src]

impl Debug for SurfaceCapabilities[src]

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