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§getopt(3) parser

§Command line argument parser with GNU parsing rules and ‘–’ extension.

getopt3::new parses the command line elements and isolates arguments from options. It returns a getopt structure where you can query options and use isolated arguments.

An element that starts with ‘-’ (and is not exactly “-” or “–”) is an option element. The characters of this element (aside from the initial ‘-’) are option characters.

use std::env::args;
use getopt3::hideBin;
let rc = getopt3::new(hideBin(args()), "ab:c");
if let Ok(g) = rc {
   // command line options parsed sucessfully
   if let Some(str) = g.options.get(&'b') {
      // handle b argument
      println!("option -b have {} argument", str);
  1. POSIX getopt function.
  2. GNU libc getopt function.


  • Parsed command line options.


  • Removes first element from the IntoIterator.
  • Parse command line arguments.
  • Validate parsed options in strict mode.