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A generic async HTTP request create.

It is meant to be a thin wrapper around various HTTP clients and handles TLS, serialisation and parsing.

The main goal is to allow binaries (that pull in some libraries that make use of a HTTP client) to specify what implementation should be used.

And if there is a Proxy. If not specified auto detection is performed by looking at HTTP_PROXY.

You need to specify via features what crates are used to the actual work.

  • use_hyper (and tokio)
  • use_async_h1 (and async-std)

Without anything specified you will end up with No HTTP backend was selected.


A Body for the Request

Backend specific error

A HTTP Header Name

A HTTP Header Value

Builds a HTTP request, poll it to query

The response of a webserver. Headers and Status are available from the start, the body must be polled/awaited again