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This crate provides interop between the arrayvec and generic_array crates, allowing you to use generic_array’s GenericArray as the backing storage for the data structures in arrayvec. This lets you have vector and string types that store their contents inline, with a capacity that can be referred to in generic code.


This crate exposes the type aliases GenericArrayVecs and GenericArrayString, which are aliases of datatypes in the arrayvec crate. See the ArrayVec and ArrayString docs to learn about their functionality. Each one also has a corresponding extension trait GenericArrayVecExt and GenericArrayStringExt that provide additional constructors and conversions.

An example of instantiating and pushing an item onto a GenericArrayVec:

use generic_arrayvec::{GenericArrayVec, typenum::U5};

// Create a new GenericArrayVec of inferred element type with a capacity of 5
let mut arr = GenericArrayVec::<_, U5>::new();



pub use arrayvec;
pub use generic_array;
pub use generic_array::typenum;


A wrapper around a GenericArray that implements the Array trait from the arrayvec crate, allowing it to be used as the backing store for ArrayVec and ArrayString.


Type Definitions