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Generates String combinations from combinable Generators.

generator-combinator aims to provide text generation capabilities, similar to but in the opposite direction of parser combinators that transform text into structured data.

Iris example

Consider the regular expression iris( (versicolor|virginica|setosa))?. This regex matches exactly four input values:

  • "iris"
  • "iris versicolor"
  • "iris virginica"
  • "iris setosa"

This regex does not match other values such as "iris fulva" or "iris " (with trailing space). If we want to generate these four valid input values (something like a reverse regex), we can build a generator-combinator as:

use generator_combinator::{oneof, Generator};
let genus = Generator::from("iris");

// Support three different species
let species = Generator::from("versicolor")
   | Generator::from("virginica")
   | Generator::from("setosa");
// Alternately:
let species = oneof!("versicolor", "virginica", "setosa");

// Delimit the genus and species with a space
let species = Generator::from(' ') + species;

// Allow generated values to be genus-only or with the species
let iris = genus + species.optional();

// Our generator should produce exactly four values
assert_eq!(iris.len(), 4);

let mut iris_values = iris.generate_all();
assert_eq!(iris_values.next(), Some("iris".into()));
assert_eq!(iris_values.next(), Some("iris versicolor".into()));
assert_eq!(iris_values.next(), Some("iris virginica".into()));
assert_eq!(iris_values.next(), Some("iris setosa".into()));
assert_eq!(iris_values.next(), None);

assert_eq!(iris.regex(), "iris( (versicolor|virginica|setosa))?");

Street address example

Generators can be used to produce sample input data according to some pattern. For example, to generate street addresses (which aren’t necessarily verifiable):

use generator_combinator::{Generator, oneof, gen};
let space = Generator::from(' ');

let number = (Generator::Digit * (3, 5)).transform(|s| s.trim_start_matches('0').to_string());

let directional = space.clone() + oneof!("N", "E", "S", "W", "NE", "SE", "SW", "NW");
let street_names = space.clone() + oneof!("Boren", "Olive", "Spring", "Cherry", "Seneca", "Yesler", "Madison", "James", "Union", "Mercer");
let street_suffixes = space.clone() + oneof!("Rd", "St", "Ave", "Blvd", "Ln", "Dr", "Way", "Ct", "Pl");

let address = number
    + directional.clone().optional()
    + street_names
    + street_suffixes
    + directional.clone().optional();

assert_eq!(address.len(), 809_190_000);

#[cfg(feature = "with_rand")]
    let addr_values = address.generate_all();
    println!("Example: {}", addr_values.random()); //Example: 344 W Yesler Way
    println!("Example: {}", addr_values.random()); //Example: 702 NE Spring Ct N
    println!("Example: {}", addr_values.random()); //Example: 803 SW Madison Way SE



Provides iterable access to the range of values represented by the Generator


The building block of generator-combinators.